12 Marketing Tips: Back to the Basics

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Blog

If you are in the construction industry marketing may be the furthest thing from your mind—well, unless you are having trouble booking jobs. Then marketing your business is likely the top thing on your mind.

Whether you’re a single-person operation or you have a dedicated construction marketing team, the industry comes with its unique challenges.

From the dangers of the job to competing for the larger projects with other companies, it is important to not let your marketing strategy sit on the back burner while your competitors capture all the local jobs.

So what can your company do to stand out?

Here are 12 marketing tips to out-book and out-build your competitors.

  1. Get your company on the BluePagesPro: no lead fees and no friction
  2. Ensure your number is super easy to find everywhere
  3. Set up Google local service ads
  4. Make your website helpful for customers
  5. Get super niche with your audience targeting on social media
  6. Get super niche with your audience targeting on social media
  7. Create compelling video content
  8. Feature your employees
  9. Prioritize reviews and customer testimonials ALWAYS
  10. Build a super informative blog
  11. Try some guerilla marketing tactics
  12. Partner with similar businesses for co-marketing campaigns

If you need any guidance on any of the above topics, we have the pros here to help!

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