3 Tips For Generating Great Customer Reviews

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Blog

We all know how important reviews are now-a-days. But the question for many contractors is… how do I even get started and or manage it all. Here is a little guide on how to get rolling.

While your Google review link will help you get more online reviews, having a customer-centric approach to asking for reviews will help you even more—it puts the customer first and demonstrates that they matter to you.

Here are 3 ways you can improve the quality of your reviews:

  1. Don’t just ask for a Google review, encourage your customers to give honest and specific feedback.
  2. Explain to customers that their reviews help you improve your service, products, or customer experiences.
  3. Ask for feedback immediately following service. It’s easier for a customer to leave a review when their positive experience is fresh on their mind.

Remember, not every review will be positive. Use negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your customer service. Learn how to respond to negative reviews and implement feedback in a way that makes past, current, and future customers feel valued. The more proactive you are, the faster you’ll be able to establish trust and generate more positive reviews. It may not happen overnight, but with the right approach and the right tools, you’ll earn your five-star results and plenty of new customers.

How to Create a Google Review Link

It used to be that word of mouth and recommendations from friends or family was the best way to get new business—today all it takes is a Google search. If you’re a business owner, you understand that customer reviews are one of the most powerful tools for generating new business and that adds more weight to having your Google review link. In a matter of seconds, someone can perform a Google search for your business, read a few Google reviews, and have the information they need to make a decision. That means the difference between three stars and five stars can have a big impact.

If you want to gain the trust of prospective customers, you’re going to need positive customer reviews. The best way to generate more valuable reviews is to make it easier for your customers to leave them—and one of the simplest ways for you to encourage customers to leave a review is by creating a Google review link.

Standard Review Link Process

  1. Go to the Place ID Lookup Tool on Google:
    Open Google’s Place ID Tool. This is a simple generator that gives you a unique identification code for your business. Google uses this code to locate your business in Google Maps.
  2. Find your business and access your Place ID
    To get your Place ID, type your Google My Business name into the “enter a location” field and select it from the drop-down. Once you’ve selected your business, the map will auto-adjust and your Place ID will appear on the map.
  3. Copy your Place ID
    Your Place ID is the 25 character string of letters and numbers displayed beneath your business name. All you need to do is copy your Place ID.
  4. Add your Place ID to the provided Google URL
    Next, you’ll paste your Place ID at the end of the Google review URL, replacing &#60place_id> with your Place ID. When your Place ID is added it should look like this: https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=PASTEPLACEIDHERE


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