5 Steps: Close More Jobs with Call Back strategies

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Blog

First impressions matter – especially when you are connecting with a potential customer. As a home improvement contractor, your initial conversations will set the stage to move each lead through your sales funnel. You will foster a good relationship that leads to a signed contract and a happy customer with the right approach.

How often are you getting callbacks from the homeowners you meet? Your list of leads is only effective if you are connecting with homeowners after the initial appointment. The follow-up strategy undeniably impacts whether the lead goes cold or you move forward with the project.

BluePagesPro and our partners can help facilitate this line of communication.

One of our trusted partners Chiirp helps with automating texting, the sales funnel processes, follow up and review requests. We can easily plug your Chiirp solution right into your BluePage Pro Plan and call it a day!

Another partner is Signpost has an amazing call center solution that can plug-n-play with your BluePage. Never, ever miss a call.

Now, let’s dive into those steps…

Improving Your Appointment Process

It all starts with creating a system that works for your business. In addition, it is crucial to make a good impression that helps homeowners feel excited about moving forward with their home improvement project.

In addition to your follow-up process, consider how your interactions set the first impression with each person you meet. If you want to strengthen the chances of getting a callback (and ultimately closing the deal), focus on leaving a great first impression in the first stage of the appointment process.

5 Tips for Leaving a Great First Impression

Even though homeowners see multiple contractors, they will never forget the first impression that finds a way to stand out. Here are a few tips for creating a positive first impression:

  1. Identify Needs and Wants: During the appointment, listen to what each homeowner wants and needs. When you meet these requests in the sales process, homeowners are confident in moving forward because they will see that you will deliver the desired results.
  2. Discover Homeowner Motivations: Additionally, take time to understand the why behind the project. Understanding each homeowners’ project inspiration gives you clarity about their goals and priorities. Once you know their motivations, then you can focus on talking points that matter most. Remember that homeowners are not paying for materials and labor – their motives lie in the results they want to achieve.
  3. Show Value in Your Services: During or after the appointment, reaffirm your value statement so homeowners remember who you are and why your team stands out from the competition. Homeowners compare services from multiple contractors. You set your company apart from the competitors by leading with your value proposition. Give your homeowners an unforgettable first impression, such as a fantastic appointment experience, helpful resources to aid in their research, and your undivided attention.
  4. Gain Trust Through Communication: Build trust with each homeowner by communicating updates through every project step. Ask about their preferred form of communication, then follow up with information and checklists. Emails, text messages, and phone calls throughout the project show your detailed preparation to deliver excellent results.
  5. Plan a Follow-Up During Each Appointment: Invite the homeowner to have a follow-up conversation. Before leaving the initial appointment, discuss the timeline they need to review the information. A verbal cue for follow-up increases the likelihood that each person will be open and ready for a callback. Also, this follow-up shows that you are a reliable provider.

These proven strategies set the stage to improve your chances of getting a call back from a homeowner. In addition, when you are proactive about establishing a good relationship initially, it enhances the likelihood that your leads will turn into paying customers.

At BluePagesPro, we support home improvement contractors like you through your sales funnel. The goal is simple: Connect, Convert, Qualify and Close, we aim to help you build strategies to all of this from your BluePage. If you are looking for solutions to bring in more leads and close more deals, our team is here to assist. Contact us to learn more about available services.


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