Attention to focus matters

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Blog

In a world with so much noise are we having issues staying focused?

Are you obsessed and passionate about what you are doing?

Optimize your focus.

What or who are the things that are stealing your focus? Is someone in your way, by not supporting you and or taking you away from what you should be 100% passionate about?

Ed Mylett says; “What most people avoid”

It’s time to get DESPERATE!

How HUNGRY and FOCUSED are you on your dreams? Do you want it as bad as breathing? Do you want it as bad as LIFE itself?

Are you literally DESPERATE to achieve? Desperation is one of the most powerful emotions because when you are desperate, your mind and body will tap into your reserve or strengths, talents, and abilities that you never knew you had!

I’m telling you, the people who WIN in life are DESPERATE for their dreams and goals.

Imagine this… How resourceful, motivated, and relentless would you be if your children were literally starving and you were DESPERATE to feed them?

What about if a loved one, a child, a parent, a niece, or a nephew were in grave danger? You would be DESPERATE to get to them and to help them! There would be NO OBSTACLE too big or NO REJECTION strong enough to STOP you from reaching that loved one!

You must also be HUNGRY and DESPERATE for your goals and dreams! Do you need your goals like you need to breathe? to eat? to survive? Are you willing to do EVERYTHING to satisfy that hunger? Or do you just WANT it? Would it just be something you would LIKE to have?

Did you know that most people OVER estimate what they can do within 1 year and vastly UNDER estimate what they can do over 5 years? The biggest factor in your success is your ability to STAY laser-focused on your goals.

I guarantee you that the most successful moments, the times you achieved at the highest levels in your life, are the times when you were the MOST desperate for and LASER FOCUSED on the outcome!

It is time to EMBRACE DESPERATION and get LASER FOCUSED! In this episode, I’m sharing my 4-step plan on how to FEED YOUR HUNGER and STAY LASER FOCUSED on your goals so you can WIN again and again!

Whether you are just starting out and fighting for your FIRST win, or you have ALREADY found success and your momentum is slowing down, this is the #1 thing you NEED to do to eliminate everything holding you back!

So how hungry are you?

My focus is on helping contractors grow their businesses. I do this by proving tremendous value. Most contractors have 4 pain points that may need attention: Financing, Growth Capital, Leads, and Follow up systems. If you are a contractor and would like to have a conversation about how we can help you in any of those areas, let’s connect today. Here are a few tips that may help you stay focused:

  1. Identify the reasons for your lack of focus and try to eliminate them. For example, if you’re having trouble focusing because you’re feeling hungry, make sure to eat a healthy snack before trying to work.
  2. Create a comfortable and distraction-free workspace. Make sure you have everything you need within easy reach so that you’re not constantly getting up and down.
  3. Set specific and achievable goals for each task you need to complete. This will help you stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed.
  4. Take regular breaks to give your mind a rest. Stand up, stretch, and move around to improve blood flow to your brain.
  5. Use tools and apps to block out distractions. For example, you can use a website blocker to prevent yourself from accessing social media or other distracting sites while you’re working.
  6. Consider trying mindfulness or meditation to improve your focus and concentration. These practices can help you quiet your mind and stay present at the moment.
  7. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist if you’re struggling to stay focused. They can provide you with valuable advice and help you develop strategies for improving your focus and concentration.


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