Why build and own a BluePagePro listing landing page?

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Blog

I used to hate building landing pages. I even hated building websites even more!

I’ve certainly made mistakes and had to learn some things the hard way.

For a long time, my landing pages just didn’t work. They were weak and barely converted.

Landing pages are being praised as the magic answer to all of our conversion problems, but it’s not as easy as some people think.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can build a landing page and presto, your conversions will skyrocket.

The conversion rate from a landing page varies across industries, but the average is only 2.35%.

This means that for every 50 people you get to your landing page, only one will actually complete the action you’re trying to get them to do.

That’s a little depressing right?

I have good news for you though. I’ve learned from experience that most landing pages can do better.

The majority of landing pages aren’t really optimized to achieve conversions. They look “pretty,” but they’re not living up to expectations because they’re flawed.

I’m going to show you why BluePagePro landing pages will change your game to boost your conversions.

But first, let’s talk about what a landing page really is and what it’s meant to be for.

What is a landing page, really?

In the simplest sense, a landing page is a page you land on.

The problem with that answer is that it’s much too simple.

If someone clicks a link in one of your ads and it takes them to your home page, then by this definition your homepage is a landing page.

Some companies are making that mistake.

Let me show you an example. THIS IS THE WRONG WAY

I’m searching for “cleaning services seattle” in Google. I click on the paid ad:

Now, here’s an example of a landing page done right. I click this search result:

Your homepage might be a good place to send people if you’re just trying to build general awareness, but it’s not where you’re going to have success with conversions.

A BluePagePro landing page is meant to have one singular goal: To convert.

That’s it. It shouldn’t do anything more than that.


Landing pages are often expected to convert people effortlessly, yet the average rate is around 2%. We have mastered the ways to increase this %, driving traffic and running ads will increase your % ‘s exponentially. Putting your page in front of homeowners that are hungry for the solutions you provide is our goal.

Tools like: Go Local and the Welcome Home Program, will put your company BluePagePro landing page front and center of new movers in your local market. The Website 2 Mailbox program, will hyper-target anonymous browsers on your website with a postcard inviting them back to your OFFER-CALL TO ACTION and BluePagePro listing. These are just two of the many strategies we have in place to increase your conversion %’s.

But of course, the problem isn’t with landing pages exactly. It’s with how they’re being built and used. We have solved this with the BluePagesPro listing landing page… your page is designed to help them connect with you and your business.

A landing page needs to have one singular goal, and every part of it needs to be designed to move viewers toward that goal.

First, we make sure your landing page is consistent with your campaign, then make sure it’s optimized to be fast and mobile-friendly.

Your headings need to be attention-grabbing, and all distractions, noise, and clutter need to disappear.

Use an effective CTA and limit the amount of information you ask customers to provide.

Make sure you use great visuals and provide social proof or guarantees to reassure people it’s low risk to convert. Our picture gallery, video and true review features, will help showcase your company perfectly!

Remember, you can always offer an incentive or a little pressure to encourage people to click the button. We help you do this in a few ways, Call to Action buttons: Offer Buttons, Get Financing, Get Proposal, Virtual Estimates and more!

We would love to walk you through a DEMO on how the BluePagesPro listing landing page can help you connect with more homeowners seeking your services.

Click here and we will schedule a 10 min walk through.


“Get on the map”


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