Reviews and referrals

Reviews and referrals are extremely powerful for small businesses. Every business needs to focus on reviews and referrals. They are a powerful form of...

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Your Follow Up Sucks

Follow up until you just can’t follow up anymore If you’re feeling like, “Okay, I don’t want to follow up on this prospect too har...

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What is a bluepage listing

What is a BluePage Landing Page? The BluePages.Pro website landing page is a single web page with a primary call to action typically created in suppor...

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Bluepages vs website

Blue Page Pro Landing Page Vs. Homepage: What’s The Difference? First of all let’s settle it right away – your business needs both to su...

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Go virtual with Bluepages

How to add a virtual sales tool to your BluePage.Pro listing…Get the checklist now! The first step to shifting to virtual selling is ensuring yo...

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