Everyone wants Relationships, not Leads

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Homeowners need and want your services.

How you introduce those services to your market matters.

We help keep your offers and call to action to connect focused for homeowners to connect convert and qualify you.

BluePagesPro aims to provide homeowners with an interactive and dynamic conversion experience.

One of the most attractive features our contractors love about BluePagesPro is the ability to offer east financing solutions.

Here is why they love it so much…

  • Offering financing early and often can be a smart strategy for contractors for several reasons:
  • Increases the likelihood of winning the project: By offering financing options early in the conversation, contractors can remove a significant barrier to the sale. Many homeowners are hesitant to commit to a home improvement project due to financial concerns, but by offering financing options, contractors can make it easier for homeowners to say “yes” to the project.
  • Helps to build trust: By offering financing options, contractors are demonstrating that they understand the financial concerns of homeowners and are willing to work with them to find a solution. This can help build trust and credibility with the homeowner, making them more likely to choose that contractor over others who do not offer financing.
    Attracts more customers: Offering financing options can also help contractors attract a broader range of customers who may not have the cash available to pay for a project upfront. By offering financing options, contractors can open up their services to a wider range of customers who may have otherwise been unable to afford their services.
  • Increases the value of the project: When homeowners are able to finance a home improvement project, they can often afford to complete a more extensive or higher quality project than they would have been able to with cash upfront. This can increase the value of the project and potentially lead to more referrals and repeat business in the future.

Offering financing early and often can help contractors win more projects, build trust with homeowners, attract more customers, and increase the value of the project. By making financing options available to homeowners, contractors can remove a significant barrier to the sale and make it easier for homeowners to say “yes” to their services.

It really comes down to AFFORDABILITY

If you haven’t been offering payment options or are new to the idea, it may seem intimidating to incorporate the financing process into your sales routine.

However, when you work with an experienced home improvement pro (christopherscoville.com), it’s easier than you think. Our programs and tools (BPP) EASY APPLY are designed specifically for home renovation, which makes it a natural extension of what you’re already doing.

With a variety of loans available, there’s an option to fit nearly any project size or customer’s financial strategy. I recommend mentioning the availability of payment options at these three crucial touchpoints: EARLY ALWAYS and OFTEN is the BEST

PRACTICE… Let’s break it down.

In Your Advertising

No matter what methods of marketing you’re utilizing, you should be mentioning that you offer to finance your customer’s Dream projects and NEEDS/WANTS projects (even the GRUDGE PURCHASES)

This shows your potential customer, even before they reach out, that you’re a one-stop shop for their project. Don’t forget I can help design some really simple marketing materials and ideas on how to go to market with all this!

During the Initial Sales Call

It’s ok to ask them “ what financing promotions caught their attention when choosing XYZ roofing CO?”

It can plant a seed for them to know that other payment options for affordability may exist… PLANT SEEDS along the way…

During that first phone call, when you’re setting the appointment, mention that you offer convenient financing for their project. Refer to the availability of same-as-cash and low monthly payment choices, and then the sales rep can discuss it further in person. It may be helpful to send information that they can review before the salesperson comes into their home.

While in the Home

Many customers underestimate the cost of their project. This means that homeowners who weren’t planning on using financing may now be in a situation where they prefer it. By having an entire payment options program available, you can help overcome pricing issues early in the process. Plus, by offering a choice of same-as-cash and low monthly payment loans, or even a combination HYBRID LOAN combing both a SAC and LOW MONTHLY OPTION… you can see an increase in your close rate.

By offering these program benefits…you will experience higher success rates leading to larger project sizes, fewer cancellations, better quality leads, and more.

Even customers who were planning on paying in cash may see the advantage of the flexibility our loans provide. Assuming that a customer may not be interested in financing may cause you to leave money on the table. The more prepared you are with best practices, the more successful you’re likely to be!

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