OutRank Your Local Competitors

Get your business seen and contacted first

Did you know that 46% of ALL Google searches are for local businesses? Google announced that they process over 3.5 BILLION searches PER DAY. That means approximately 1.6 billion people are searching for local services near them every day.

That’s also 1.6 billion opportunities to place your business front and center in Google’s search results and get them to contact you over your competitors in your area.

Go SEO with your BluePages.Pro Listing today – Be Found Be Seen, and outrank your competitors.

Get your business in front of homeowners looking for your services every single month.

Your Business + Local SEO = New Customers

Our “Go SEO” Program Is A Semi-Automated Service That Helps Get Your Business Ranked Higher In Google’s Local Map Results & Search Results.

This means when someone pulls out their phone to search for phrases like “home builder near me” or “best roofer in Tampa, FL”, your business will be one of the top results. Whether you’re a Roofer, HVAC, Home Builder, Electrician, Plumber, etc., when someone searches in your area for your services, you want to make sure they see your business and contact you over your competitors, right?

Guess what? That’s exactly what our “Go SEO” Program does!

We have perfected a systematic approach to getting local Contractor Businesses on the 1st Page of Google’s Local Map & Search Results, allowing us to provide this effective marketing service at a very affordable monthly rate. This service can be considered as an alternative or a complement to other forms of online advertising you may be currently doing. (if not, check out our Google Ad Campaign Management & Facebook Ad Campaign Management services)


New website optimized for fast local results

Google My Business profile fully optimized and 100% managed

Acquire positive reviews for your business

Call tracking and contact form tracking

Custom lead dashboard and transparent weekly reports

We are dedicated to winning your business, we will do our best to beat any comparable quote.

Answers before you ask

How much does this cost?

Everything is included in this program to get your business found in Google’s Local MAP Results & Organic Search Results. Your new website is optimized for fast local results, your Google My Business profile is fully optimized and 100% managed, we add your business to over 70+ online directories, SEO optimized content is ongoingly created, we perform backlink acquisition, you get a review outreach & management system, we provide a custom lead dashboard and transparent weekly reporting…. You get ALL of this for a flat monthly price of $495 per location! (P.S. Other companies will charge you separately and much more for each of the services mentioned above and STILL won’t be able to get you the results that we can!)

How long will it take to see results?

Our goal is to generate results as fast as possible for the businesses we work with, with really great results typically being generated around 90 days of service. Sometimes, as fast as 30 days. Organic Google Map Results (results that are the most effective for your business) DO NOT and CAN NOT happen overnight. Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling you snake oil. We do not guarantee immediate results or a #1 rank due to many ranking factors being impacted by past online efforts (or lack of) with your business.

Keep in mind, with ANY investment you make in marketing, results are not guaranteed. For instance, if you took out an ad in the newspaper for your business and didn’t receive any phone calls from it, would they refund your money?

What if I don’t need a new website and just want Local SEO Services?
We have 10 years of experience in the industry and have found that building a new website on our platform with our systems produces the best and fastest results for our clients. There are too many variables when trying to optimize an existing website that can make it difficult to get the rankings we are accustomed to achieving by the 90-day mark.
How fast can we get Go SEO set up?
We will start services the same day after the 1st payment is made and you fill out our “GO SEO” form. A recurring payment of the same amount will be processed every 30 days to continue services.