Facebook Advertising
that connects homeowners directly to your Blue Page.

Go Social with Lead Generation and Local campaigns with guaranteed result

Your competitors are pouring considerable resources into Facebook advertising, for good reason: it’s affordable, and it generates real results.

We count clicks, we value impressions, but at the end of the day, our goal is to make more money for your business. We make sure that what we do online has huge, tangible, offline results.

In fact, we partner with GotU — an advertising technology that has won the Facebook Innovation Award. You’ll be running ads with a team that has been recognized by Facebook itself!

Meet our Technology Partner – GOTU Won the Facebook Innovation Award

Your Go Social Facebook campaign to be powered by a customer-centric advertising technology that has been identified as a game-changing innovation among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

Use the power of location

Target locally, in the immediate proximity of you service areas to maximize traffic to your Blue Page.

Reach only the Right People

Reach your exact target audience with Facebook’s specific audience segmentation.

Keep things In-House and Stay in Control

Easily launch and manage your Facebook campaigns. Our technology takes care of the optimization.

Duplicate and Customize, Easily

Quickly duplicate campaigns of different locations or customize your message for each service location. You choose the solution best suited for you.

Boost your Online Traffic

Hyper-local targeting together with optimal reach & frequency provide guaranteed results. See your online traffic increase with our technology.

Control your Marketing Budget

View your results in full transparency and know where your budget goes to, while our technology takes care of delivering the results.

Result-Based Facebook Ads

For Your Blue Page

Grow Quickly with Minimal Effort

Our team takes care of everything from creating the ad copy to building the graphics to determining strategic ad placements. Leave the details to us.

Leverage Hypertargeting

Use over 60 targeting options, including age, gender, and interesting, to narrow down the audience to people who are most likely to buy from your brand.

Create Discrete Campaigns

Convey a discrete message with every campaign. Show seasonal promotions, financing offers, or special discounts to get people running to your business.

Get Real New Customer

Measure ROI in terms of conversion, demos and sales. No matter how impressive the clicks and impressions are, we still evaluate a campaign according to the number of conversions it ultimately generates.

The Four-Step Process to Facebook Advertising Success

Set a definite location (determined by a radius from your store). This limits your ads to the Facebook feeds of the people in this area.

Adjust the targeting options to limit your ads to your target market.

Determine the optimal site frequency and create compelling ads.

Once we have your approval, we’ll launch the campaign, while you prepare to accommodate more customers.

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