Help your homeowners get approved

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Help your Homeowners Get Approved For Financing

Right From Your BluePage!

Here is a Pro Lite BluePage as an example:

Your custom calculator tool on a BluePagesPro landing page can be a helpful resource for consumers who are considering home improvement projects. By providing an easy-to-use tool that calculates estimated monthly payments and financing options, contractors can help potential customers better understand the costs associated with their projects and make informed decisions about financing.

Having the tool on your BluePage can also demonstrate to consumers that the contractor is knowledgeable about financing options and is committed to providing transparency in the pricing and financing process. This can help build trust with potential customers and may encourage them to choose the contractor over competitors who do not provide similar resources.

By making it easier for consumers to apply for home improvement financing options through your BluePagesPro landing page, contractors can also potentially increase the likelihood of securing new business. If a consumer knows they can obtain financing through the contractor’s Pro page, they may be more likely to move forward with the project, which can lead to increased revenue for the contractor.

Offering Home Improvement Loans Help Grow Business

Growing a business takes work. Recommending home improvement financing to every client is a great way to create satisfying, long-term relationships and outperform your competition.

The Industry Myth

Customers don’t want to use financing for a home improvement project.

The Reality

For many customers, financing is a choice, not a necessity. In fact, wealthier clients often prefer financing home improvement projects.

Break from the Pack – Offer Financing as a Payment Option

Providing flexible and easy ways for your clients to pay for a project gives you a competitive edge over less customer-focused companies. Offer your customers more reasons to choose you rather than your competition.

Here’s how:

  • Discuss financing options with every customer at every sales presentation
  • Know what kind of financing your competition offers
  • Use unique financing options to make customers feel preferred

Marketing Payment Options Grow Your Client Base

Advertising that your company offers home improvement loan options is a surefire way to increase your pool of clients. Getting their attention, and understanding their needs is important to your business’s success. Promoting special financing and offering new customers ways to apply for it is one way to attract attention.

A Few Simple Steps to Success

  • Add an easy to use Financing Calculator to your BluePage
  • Illustrate special financing offerings with examples of monthly payment plans
  • Market special financing everywhere you advertise your products and services – your website, direct mail, and sales flyers.
  • Present special financing as an advantage to doing business with you instead of your competitors.

Special Financing Helps Close More Sales

Plant the seed by mentioning special financing options at the beginning of every sales visit – before customers make a buying decision.


  • Sell the convenience and spending power of monthly payments
  • Educate your clients, and help them visualize taking a project from a simple to an absolute dream
  • Use promotional periods to encourage your customers not to delay their purchases.

We can help add financing to your BluePage today: [email protected]


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