How does Project Map It and BluePagesPro solve problems for contractors?

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Blog

Building credibility in 2022 is a TASK. Being seen in all the noise is even harder each day with all the online and advertisement distractions.

We have solved some major pain points for contractors.

  • Being Seen
  • Being Trust
  • Showing Your Work
  • Doing it from one location

Being Seen

If they can’t find you they won’t do business with you. How do we solve this for you?

BluePagesPro helps get them to the listing. While Project Map It helps show the work you have done in your local market.

Project Map It gives you and your team the marketing tools and resources you need on the go. Showcase your portfolio, including previous project images and footage, and display customer reviews all in one place. Our digital mapping portfolio is user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Easily update your portfolio and map in real-time at each job site. Upload unlimited photos, write job descriptions, and request reviews from your customers—all from a tablet or smartphone.

Being Trusted

This one is simple, put yourself in the buying shoes… Do you do business with people you don’t trust? Probably not.

BluePages and Project Map It helps build TRUST.

How… very simple. We show the actual work you have completed in your local market right from your BluePage.
Prospects can very easily click and check out jobs you have completed within their neighboring communities.

Reviews and Testimonials are nice, but looking at real jobs is 10x nicer.

First impressions matter. Show up prepared for your next initial consultation with Project Map It. If a prospective client is looking for a specific product or item color, easily search and share previous work with just a click. Let prospective clients read reviews and see how many projects you’ve worked on in their neighborhood. Close more deals, save more time, and stand out against your competition with Project Map It.

Show your work

Click, open, and take a look for yourself. That is all your prospects need to do to review your real installs.

See the real deal here:

A Digital Portfolio That Grows With You

Project Map It is an interactive map that showcases all your previous work and lets customers search by area, project category, or even product type. Easily embed the map on your website and show prospective customers your company’s presence in their neighborhood.


  • Services
  • Locations
  • Media
  • Reviews

Doing it from one location

BluePagesPro helps connect homeowners with local home improvement service professionals with no lead fees or friction. We accomplish this through our online digital directory and robust listing landing pages.

Each BluePagePro listing is designed with conversion tools to help move a prospect from ”just-looking” to, “let’s schedule a demo or consultation.”

Whether offering a Financing promotion, Virtual Estimate, Special Offer, our tools are designed to move your customers through a very efficient and easy process.

Through our integrations, partnerships, and recommendations, we are bringing you the best software solutions in the industry. If you are not on the map, get on the map today.

So why did we partner and integrate with Project Map It?

Project Map It is a more efficient, time-effective way to close new business. Give your sales staff and team the tools they need to scale your business. Stop wasting time skimming through endless documents and paperwork. Project Map It is a great tool to amplify your sales process.

As you visit a prospective customer’s home, you’re asked many questions regarding your business, services, and process. Give them the answers and examples they need efficiently and in real-time, helping them make a confident, more informed purchase decision. Show them the work you’ve done in their neighborhood, the shingle color or product type they’re interested in, and all the positive reviews your business has received, all in one touch.

Come see it all work now for you:

Project Map It and BluePagesPro

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

You take pride in the work you do—it deserves recognition. The more photos you show of a previous project, the more likely a customer is to book with you. Upload unlimited project photos to your portfolio and share detailed descriptions of your work.

See you soon!


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