How to create a Gratitude campaign

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Blog

Show your past clients, customers, friends, family and neighbors how much they mean to you with the following activities.

Write Letters:

(yes, write with a handwritten motion)

Write 2 or 3 letters per day to share gratitude for those in your life.

Identify your list and or group of people to write to each month.
Set your calendar reminder to pick up the pen.
Mail the post cards and or letters as you go, so you have less to address and send at a time.

The formula for you gratitude writing:

✅ Visualize the person you are writing to
✅ Describe their value in your life
✅ Consider their personal experience and what’s going on for them
✅ Consider how they may have impacted your life
✅ Ask yourself, “How can I make this person’s day?”
✅ Keep it short and sweet with no hidden agenda

Bonus idea: Send a Gratitude Gift

(this is part of the r4method)
There is a great book out there called Giftology by John Ruhlin, I would advise all business people to pick it up, read it and take immediate action.
Say thanks to friends or past clients for being in your life with a small appreciation gift like a:

Digital gift for coffee
Pie for the holidays
Pizza delivery
Batch of fresh baked cookies

You see, the size of the gift never matters, what matters is the message in the delivery and the gratitude.

When you are ready. Have the gift delivered straight to their door (like pizza or pumpkin pie from your favorite local bakery), or better yet, deliver it yourself – just make sure to communicate and give a heads up it’s coming!

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