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How will I get leads with the BluePagesPro?

Why a BluePagePro Landing Page?

Contractors sometimes make the mistake of sending traffic — whether from social media, paid advertising or other channels — directly to their homepage. The homepage, though, was likely designed to appeal to abroad audience, so your message isn’t specific, and people might not connect with it. Instead, sending traffic to landing pages that are targeted to the individual audience you’re targeting allows you to focus on one specific goal or offer. In this guide, we’ll break down each component of a BluePagePro listing landing page and give you the tools necessary to create conversion-driving pages for any goal you have in your business.

What Is a BluePagePro Landing Page?

Your BluePagePro Landing page is a standalone web page that encourages homeowners seeking your services to take a specific action. It can be used for
a number of different purposes. The most common types your BluePagePro landing page will serve:

  • Sales page
  • Offer form
  • Lead generation page
  • Scheduling page
  • Finance application page

Whatever your BluePagePro landing page focus is used for, we will work with you to have just one goal and one desired outcome, unlike a website
homepage that has many different paths a visitor can take. Your landing page will be hyper focused and structured with a headline, subhead, body copy, social proof, and a call to action to catch attention and drive conversions — whether that means pushing an irresistible offer or getting someone approved for financing with a few clicks.

Here is an example of the framework we built into your BluePagePro listing.

How Do Visitors Get to My Landing Page?

The number one question we get from contractors is, How will they find me and how can I get more leads? There are many ways for your page visitors to get to your landing pages. Keep in mind we provide our clients with the tools to help you drive traffic to your BluePage. Our goal is to help you connect with more homeowners seeking your services in your market place with NO LEAD FEES and NO FRICTION. Below are some great strategies to make this goal a reality for your business.

Custom qr code: You can use your qr code ANYWHERE, with more and more users, your custom qr code should be in every piece of your marketing that goes out.

Scan it!

Reward Badge: You will be provided a custom hyperlinked reward badge with backlink capabilities for your website. This will immediately give you recognition that you are on the Blue Pages but you are also a Pro Plan Member.

Click it!

Here is an example of how the Storm Pros are using their BluePagesPro Reward Badge on their website. Click HERE to view. (ps: we built their website as well)

Organic Search Engine Results: Top Ten {Roofers/Solar/HVAC/Etc.}| {Miami/Charlotte/Jacksonville/Boston/Major Market} Search. We designed the BluePagesPro directory to be hyper focused on only the TOP TEN CONTRACTORS per asset class in each major market in the U.S. All free mini listings will always appear below PRO PLAN contractors. This will ensure you have the exposure needed to connect with homeowners seeking your services.

Welcome Home Program: The Welcome Home Program automatically targets all new movers in your service area. New homeowners need your services, like roofing, solar, HVAC, window-doors. How are they finding you now? You want to be the business they choose, right? We will automatically send new homeowners in your service area beautifully designed personal postcards. Each card features your brand, your services, your contact number and your custom QR CODE that directs them to your Blue Page. Welcome new homeowners’ home – get started today!

Website 2 Mailbox: What if you could follow up with these prospects who were interested enough to visit your website, but never filled out a form, by sending retargeted direct mail pieces right to their USPS postal mailboxes?

With Website to Mailbox, you now have the power to send real printed postcards to prospects who visit your website even before they’ve provided you with their contact information. Website to Mailbox works by capturing the IP address of the visitor and seeing if there is a match to their physical address. If a match is found, and the prospect fits your predetermined qualifying factors, a retargeting postcard is mailed automatically within 24 hours.

Go Google: Paid Ads​ You pay to advertise your landing page on the internet. Paid ads are an easy way to direct traffic from Facebook, Google or similar sources to your landing page. (We have a partner that can manage this for you or you can simply use your marketing team to set this up to your BluePagePro listing landing page.)

Go SEO: We have perfected a systematic approach to getting local Contractor Businesses on the 1st Page of Google’s Local Map & Search Results, allowing us to provide this effective marketing service at a very affordable monthly rate. This service can be considered as an alternative or a complement to other forms of online advertising you may be currently doing. (BluePagePro partner provided services) Keep in mind the SEO services can help your ranking results for your main Website and your BluePagePro listing.

Go Social: We could go on for hours and pages on how to advertise and market on social media. But we will keep it brief. Your ads should always point to your landing page. If you are pointing ads to anything but a focused landing page, you are doing it wrong. Here is a service our partner can provide if you need it!

The easy steps…

  1. Set a definite location (determined by a radius from your store). This limits your ads to the Facebook feeds of the people in this area.
  2. Adjust the targeting options to limit your ads to your target market.
  3. Determine the optimal site frequency and create compelling ads.
  4. Once we have your approval, we’ll launch the campaign, while you prepare to accommodate more customers.

EMAILS:​ You can send emails with links to a landing page. Badges and hyperlinks always work well when using email marketing strategies.

YOUR WEBSITE:​ You can create buttons and links on your website to drive visitors to strategic landing pages. As we discussed above, your BluePagePro Reward badge with backlink features will help drive traffic to your landing page as well.

Door Hangers: This method is guaranteed to drive traffic to your BluePagePro landing page.

Step 1: Your team leaves a prospect with a custom door hanger with your BluePagePro qr code and irresistible offer.
Step 2: Homeowner scans qr code door hanger with special offer.
Step 3: The homeowner is immediately pushed to your strategically designed video on your BluePagePro landing page.
Step 4: The prospect watches the video, accepts the special offer and connects with you directly.

Postcards: We have two postcard marketing programs above (Welcome Home Program and Website 2 Mailbox) but you can always work your BluePagePro listing into your own strategies. You can use a qr code for easy scanning and or simply create a tiny url or drive them directly to your URL for your BluePagePro listing.

Direct Mail: The purpose of direct mail lists is to target a large number of prospects who share a trait that qualifies them for your marketing offer.The ability to target VERY specific groups is the most powerful aspect of direct mail lists. The Every Door Direct Mail service lets you reach every home, every address, every time. You simply pick the neighborhood you want to target, and a Postal Service™ carrier delivers your printed piece to every address while delivering the day’s mail. You don’t need to know the names or street addresses. We can help you set this up if interested, or you can simply DIY at a local USPS location.

Piece of mind and interesting facts about Direct Mail!

  • Direct mail response rates are at all-time highs (ANA)
  • 82% of SMBs plan to maintain or increase their direct mail usage
  • Direct mail and social media deliver the highest ROI for SMBs
  • 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable (USPS)

The Goal

The goal of this guide is to give you some ideas on how to drive traffic to your BluePagePro listing landing page. You can use some of our services, or some of our partners services or take a shot at your own strategies. We are here to help, our goal is simple, we want to connect you with more homeowners seeking your services in your market with No Lead Fees and No Friction. Please let us know if we can provide any more insight on how to drive traffic and connect with more homeowners!

We look forward to your success!

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