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Lead generation is the key to success for home improvement businesses. How are you connecting with homeowners who are seeking your services? Whether you have a strategy to generate your leads or use a third-party service, it is essential to have a process in place to convert those leads into paying customers quickly.

The ultimate goal is to establish a relationship with the homeowner. However, to create a long-lasting business relationship, it is necessary to overcome common obstacles that come up in the sales cycle. Here are a few tips to help you move through your sales cycle phases quickly and effectively to help homeowners move forward with their projects.

Part 1: Contacting the Lead (Speed-to-Lead)(our partner Hatch can really help with this)

If you are not first, you are last. The faster you respond to a homeowner’s request, the more likely you will have a quality conversation with the homeowner.

It’s crucial that you capture their attention while they are actively thinking about their home improvement projects. The goal is to connect with homeowners within 30 seconds to improve your sales cycle results.

Set up notifications to receive an update every time a new lead comes through. Then work to respond to requests as quickly as possible. Having a fast and efficient system for contacting leads makes it easier to set appointments and establish relationships with homeowners early on in their decision-making process.

Many home improvement contractors are busy throughout the day, so they do not have extra time to manage phone calls. One effective strategy to improve your sales cycle is to build an inbound and outbound sales team, or if possible, a call center. A major perk of having teams dedicated to calling on leads is that doing so can help free up your time to manage other responsibilities that come with running a business.

Part 2: Appointment Setting – Addressing Homeowner Objections

It happens frequently: you contact a lead, only to experience a homeowner’s hesitancy to set the appointment. Unfortunately, calling a lead does not always mean that you will quickly set the appointment.

In this phase of the sales cycle, homeowners are exploring their options. They want as much information as possible before deciding on a contractor to hire. During your conversation with a potential customer, it is essential to let them know why you deserve the job. Show how you are different from your competitors.

Sometimes homeowners need an extra nudge before setting the appointment. You can move forward in the sales cycle by sharing details about the available specials you are offering. This strategy is effective for homeowners who are just shopping, never sent a request for information, or are receiving multiple calls from local contractors.

Here is a script you can follow to capture the homeowner’s attention:

Homeowner: “I never put in a request.”

Contractor: “I apologize for bothering you, and I will take your name off our list. But since I have you on the phone, we are having a special right now on ABC … would you like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate?”
Here is another sample template to use:

Homeowner: “I have already received numerous calls; I am not interested in speaking to anyone else.”

Contractor: “I understand … What differentiates us is XYZ, and we are currently running a special in your area on ABC … Studies show that meeting with at least 3 contractors about your project gives you the best deal. We would love to show you why our services are different from the other providers.”

Part 3: Support Homeowners in Their Journey

Your work is just beginning when the homeowner sets an appointment. Have a system to help you stay on top of where homeowners are in their buyer journey. What is the homeowner’s motivation for moving forward with the project? Understanding their inspiration gives you the insights you need to keep the project going.

For example, most buyer journeys happen when homeowners find inspiration through interest or conversations with friends. Then, when the homeowner has a vision in place, they research the project and potential costs for completion.

Improve this phase of the sales process by building a relationship with each homeowner. Learn about the homeowner, their family needs, and what inspired them to start this project. These conversations open the pathway for a shorter sales cycle and possible add-ons that align with the homeowner’s vision.

If you need help with your sales cycle and lead generation, then our team at BluePagesPro is just a phone call away. Contact us to learn how our partner managers can help you connect with homeowners searching for your home improvement services.

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