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by | Feb 27, 2022 | Blog

Give your customers the purchasing power to afford the projects they actually want.

Every homeowner’s financial situation is different. Some can foot the bill for a new deck or kitchen remodel without blinking an eye, and for others these kinds of improvements can seem unaffordable. The fact of the matter is that, for many homeowners to make their dream projects a reality, they need flexible ways to pay for their purchases. If you’re itching to learn more about the value behind offering financing options, consider the following:

Why offer financing options? The benefits speak for themselves.

Financing options are a win-win both for you and your customers, and by offering financing solutions from a premier loan provider like Service Finance, you can really wow your customers. With BluePages.Pro, an industry-cloud based directory and Service Finance partner, home improvement pros can take advantage of Service Finance to attract more customers, close bigger deals and get paid faster.

Attract More Customers

Offering your customers financing options can give you a major competitive advantage. Think about it: if a homeowner is shopping around for a big purchase, they’re more likely to go with with a company that offers financing options over one that doesn’t. And if you really want to draw in more business, leverage BluePages.Pro and the Service Finance API integration. With high approval rates, HUNDREDS of promotional loan plans (ex. No Interest/No Payment if paid in full during the promo period 1, 0% Interest, etc.), and a hassle-free application process, Service Finance’s integration with BluePages.Procreates irresistible financing solutions that cater to all buyer types.

Close Bigger Deals

By providing your customers with financing options, you can steer the conversation away from budget constraints and focus on the value that they can get out of their purchase. When they can leverage deferred interest, no payment promotions or low monthly payment plans, it’s easier for homeowners to say “yes” to projects with a heftier price tag. And, by taking advantage of BluePages.Pro integration with Service Finance, your customers can apply for credit limits up to $100,000 and gain the buying power they need to make big-ticket purchases.

Get Paid Faster

  1. Your potential customer applies via the Blue Page Listing Landing Page + Service Finance API integrated portal with a branded mobile app, online, or over the phone with Service Finance.
  2. Your customer receives a credit decision within seconds.
  3. Your customer can enjoy 100% financing and an easy approval process, right from your Blue Page Listing.

So, with BluePages.Pro and Service Finance, it’s possible for you to offer flexible financing options and get paid the same day your customer is approved. What’s not to love?

BluePages.Pro can help!

Whatever your customer’s dream project is, you can give them the buying power to afford it by offering financing options. And, when you use BluePages.Peo industry-leading cloud based directory, your home improvement business can use the Service Finance Loan Programs to offer financing solutions that work for every budget.

To learn more about how BluePages.Pro integration with Service Finance can help you attract more customers, close bigger deals and get paid faster, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!


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