Reviews are cool but Project Map It is Cooler

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Blog

Why did BluePages Pro team up with Project Map It?

We strongly believe that showing the work you have done in a local market is extremely powerful. Yes, Reviews and Testimonials are super powerful but ACTUAL INSTALLS tell the real story that can’t be beaten.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can convert more business with BluePagesPro and Project Map It combo!

A Digital Portfolio That Grows With You

As you take on more projects, organizing and managing your portfolio becomes difficult and time-consuming. Project Map It is an interactive map that showcases all your previous work and lets customers search by area, project category, or even product type.

Easily embed the map on your website, share your projects on social media, or share your portfolio during sales consultations. Give prospective customers everything they need to take the next step, with you.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

You take pride in the work you do—it deserves recognition. The more photos you show of a previous project, the more likely a customer is to book with you. Take all the necessary detailed shots, drone footage, and everything in between to give customers that extra boost of confidence. Upload unlimited project photos to your portfolio and share detailed descriptions of your work.

Integrate your map to your website and new photos will update in real-time. Your team can snap pictures and upload them right from the job site, or you can do it later from home or the office.

Review Management Made Easy

We know how important reviews are. They are the key to success in the home improvement industry. That’s why we made it easier than ever before to collect new reviews and display existing reviews from Google and Facebook, all in one place.

Stop wasting your time chasing customers down for reviews. Send survey reminder emails, manage your reviews, or make them private all within your dashboard. Project Map It allows you to create your custom survey, so you can conduct reviews in person (after the project is complete), or email it later.

Customizations Made Just For You

Project Map It is user-friendly and customizable to your business. Add your company logo, choose a color theme, and use a variety of colored pins on your map to represent different service offerings. Increase your brand awareness and presence in your community with Project Map It.

  • Use clusters or individual pins
  • Use a variety of colored pins
  • A variety of map themes are available
  • Heat map for the privacy of addresses

Click on the gallery and read the captions of each customization

Put Your Company on the Map

Our Project Map It team is here to set you up for success. Give us a call for more information or request a demo today. In as little as fifteen minutes, we will walk you through the simplicity of our digital mapping marketing tool and how to get started.

Ready to take the next step? Put your company on the map and onboard in as little as 48 hours. Our team is available for training and support, on your time.

Try it free for 30 days

You read that right. Get the full Project Map It experience for 30 days, for free. Our team will help set up your portfolio and will be there for you throughout your onboarding experience.

If you are a current Pro Plan member on the BluePagesPro and have a Project Map It account, we will integrate (free of charge) and get you on the MAP today!


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