ROOFLE and BluePagesPro just had a baby

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Blog

And the baby delivers you quality roofing quotes in just a few clicks.

Did you start in the roofing game back when it was paper records, hand measurements, and faxing orders? If you were, congrats on making it through the gauntlet of innovations in our industry.

Whether you are an OG roofer or just coming up in the game, or even if you’re a roofing marketing guru, the next disruptive technology has just arrived on the scene that will give your roofing business a massive leg up on the competition and add tremendous value to your business.

Introducing Roof Quote PRO™ integrated into your BluePagesPro account!

  • Give accurate quotes directly on your website
  • Capture hot exclusive leads
  • Choose your own products and set your own pricing
  • Control the branding and messaging with complete white-labeling
  • Segment the product options and pricing for each market

Just in case it wasn’t already obvious, this tool will

  • Turn website visitors into leads at a much higher rate
  • Increase user time on your site (may improve SEO)
  • Give you an extremely powerful marketing tool (think door hangers with a QR code to get an instant quote)
  • Save you on unnecessary measurement orders, you’ll only pull a measurement to place a material order
  • Save on gas trips and expand your service area since you can quote virtually anywhere
  • How is it possible you made it this far without booking a demo?

Don’t be the blockbuster of the roofing industry.

Hop on a quick DEMO and we will introduce you to our new baby.



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