Put your business in front of new homeowners every month!

How many new movers are in your service area?

Did you know that about 40 million Americans move houses each year? That’s 14 percent of the population.

That’s also 40 million opportunities since new homeowners are more likely to invest in-home services.

Our Welcome Home Program automatically puts your front and center every month, so you can naturally integrate them into your sales process and be the first to reach out to these high propensity buyers.

Your “Welcome Home” Program automatically targets all new movers in your service area.

Automated Mailings + Repetition =

Here’s how it works:

You tell us what your service area is
(zip codes and target market)

We design a postcard to put you front and center of new home owners every month

Each month, we mail a personalized “welcome home” postcard to every person that moves in to that service area!


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Price will include printing, design and mailing!

Answers before you ask

How much does it cost?
This is a done for you service. The postcard design, your custom QrCode, your direct phone number and contact information. Every scan of the QrCode directs new home owners to your BluePages listing landing page and offer section. Reach out to us for a custom estimate.
What will the postcards look like?

Each one of your Welcome Home postcards will be professionally designed and look amazing each month as they land in the mailboxes of New Home Owners. Repetition is key, so branding will be clean and consistent. The goal is to keep showing up. Keep in mind, these are NEW HOME OWNERS in your TOWN, you may want to also place a door hangers on the door if you have canvassers or teams in the area as well. Repetition is key! You see this in your own mailbox.

How many postcards do I have to mail every month?

As many as you would like, we will run a program to identify NEW HOME OWNERS in your service area. As few at 250 per mailing! We use special personalized postcard technology that can print small batches of postcards without sacrificing cost efficiency, so you can mail just as many as you need!

How long should I keep mailing?
Only as long as you want — there are NO contracts (requires an initial 3 month commitment). We recommend mailing to each new mover every month for at least 6 months (12 is better), but if you want to stop at any point, just call us and let us know!
How do I figure out who moved into my service area?
You don’t have to! We gather this information on your behalf with our own list-building software. You don’t lift a finger.
How fast can you get this set up?

Right away! Call +1 (813) 767-0236 to start your campaign today!