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What is a BluePage Landing Page?

The BluePages.Pro website landing page is a single web page with a primary call to action typically created in support of a specific campaign or offer. Built with a single goal in mind, website landing pages have a significant emphasis on conversion rate performance. Marketing teams very often conduct extensive conversion experiments on landing pages in order to increase the number of leads or sales generated from these pages. Our pages are designed to move prospects from “just looking” to “hey, let’s do some business here!”

“Kinda like Zillow, but for the home improvement space”

Marketers use landing pages for a variety of different reasons. But ultimately, their main purpose is to prompt site visitors to take a specific action. A successful landing page will convert your visitors into leads or customers, and connect them to the right people within your company. Having a single focused objective (your primary call to action) is what makes website landing pages your best bet to drive conversions. The BluePages.Pro can move them through a specific OFFER, or your finance button, or your virtual estimator… or your offer for a proposal. We can design and build your CALL TO ACTION with FOCUS around your needs.

Landing Pages vs Website Pages

Some people loosely define landing pages as “a page you land on.” But that could be any page on your website: your homepage, your about page, your product page–literally anything.
Landing pages are built to convert. That’s the main difference between a website landing page and a homepage–and any other page for that matter. Your homepage gives a full overview of what your business does and acts as a launchpad for all other (permanent) pages of your site.

A landing page, on the other hand, is focused on one specific topic (how you can help homeowners help their home) and compels visitors to take one specific action (5% dealer discount, special offer, financing, proposal or estimate.) Traffic can come from several different sources like paid ads. We have designed very specific traffic packages to help you gain more opportunities as well. Here are just a few…

Go Local: Welcome Home Program – we deliver custom postcards to new homeowners in your service area – custom and personalized – direct mailers – custom qr code – designed with an offer and path to push right back to your BluePages.Pro landing page.

Website 2 Mailbox: – we have unique pixel technology to send postcards to anonymous prospects searching your website that abandon forms and leave – yes, we will deliver custom designed postcards right to the mailbox of prospects searching your services – high-tech is an understatement!

BluePages.Pro Landing Page Layouts & Formats

Website landing pages have come a long way over the past few years. Let’s consider the three main types you can build today.

Landing Pages with Forms

This is the most common type of website landing page you’ll come across. A traditional landing page uses a lead form to capture your visitor’s information in exchange for the offer being promoted.

This is where companies will request information like name, email, company size, location, budget, website URL, credit card number, mother’s maiden name etc. But seriously, people don’t want to spend time filling out form after form. Less is more here–only ask for the information you really need. We will be hyperfocused on the main contact data-points… ensuring your prospects have an easy way to enter their contact data!

Conversational Landing Pages – BluePages.Pro

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. Conversational landing pages allow you to engage visitors while they’re live on your page through your live chat tool we provide!

You can ask your visitors strategic questions through an interactive bot and guide them to take a specific action. Conversational Pages like our VIRTUAL ESTIMATOR take up the entire screen–no forms. Just conversations.

This is a great way to have visitors really focus on the conversation you want them to have. You can use conversational landing pages for webinar registrations, demo requests, capturing leads during events, and for showcasing content alongside an interactive bot.

Since the internet has become saturated with B2B companies promoting content, using bot-enabled website landing pages is a great way to stand apart from the competition.

Although these pages are best used as a form replacement, try and steer clear of the usual “form” questions like first name, last name, etc. Instead, focus on creating a frictionless experience and leverage data enrichment to do the dirty work of finding first and last names, and company name after getting a business email.

Traditional Landing Pages with Bots

This third type is a hybrid between traditional website landing pages and Conversational Landing Pages. Instead of ditching all your traditional pages, you can embed a BluePage.Pro Chat-Bot onto your existing landing page to create a customized chat experience for your site visitors.This is a great way to engage your homeowners and increase the conversion rates on these pages.

Landing Page Best Practices

What makes the BluePages.Pro such an effective landing page? Here’s what it takes to drive conversions.

We Set A Clearly Defined Goal

If you are going to start building a new website landing page, consider why you’re creating one in the first place. Set a specific goal. It’s a cliché but it’s true: You can’t score without a goal. You want to ensure your landing page is tied to a business or marketing outcome.

We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you!

“You can’t score without a goal. You want to ensure your landing page is tied to a business or marketing outcome.”

Ask yourself what you want your visitors to do, then decide what clear call to action will compel them to do it. Do you want them to take advantage of the 5% Pro Discount, or a Special offer like $500 off, or maybe you want them to get approved for financing? Only then can you get to writing and designing a landing page that will motivate your visitors to take the specific action you want them to take

Write Compelling & Convincing Copy

To be successful, your landing page needs to tell your visitors what they’ll get out of your offer. And that comes down to great copywriting. To write a landing page that converts, speak your buyers’ language. What do they have to win by engaging with you? Again, we took 80% of the really hard work out of the equation… and we actually have some great examples to follow.

7 Tips to Writing Great Landing Page Copy

1) Focus on your buyers

This rule applies to all the copy you write for your business. To write a landing page that converts, speak your buyers’ language. What do they have to win by engaging with you? Think about your buyers’ experience holistically and what happens after they give their contact details.

2) Keep it clear and concise

If you’re not clear, your site visitors won’t spend time trying to figure out what you’re offering. Our attention spans aren’t getting any longer. Edit your landing page until the message is concise and persuasive enough to incite visitors to take action. Kill your darlings–ensure every sentence serves a purpose. If it doesn’t, cut it out.

3) Use action-oriented language

Your BluePages.Pro landing page is focused on getting your prospects to take action. Rather than just informing your visitors, make sure your writing drives action. What does that mean? Start your sentences with verbs (just like this one) and use an active voice to keep visitors engaged.

4) Describe the benefits

Please don’t take this the wrong way but… no one cares about you. To put it less bluntly, your visitors don’t want to hear about how great your contracting business is. Focus on how your offer benefits them, and what problem those benefits solve. Transform your landing page copy by asking yourself “So what?” for every line you write. What’s in it for your buyers? Why should they care?

5) Create a sense of urgency

We love it when our contractors do this in their featured video on the BluePages.Pro. No need to get overly dramatic here, but creating implied urgency through your copy is one way to encourage your visitors to take action. Test using words like “now,” “today” and “instant” to provoke quick responses. Taking a “stop what you’re doing” approach also works to tell visitors that their current actions are hurting their business.

This is just an example on how we see URGENCY day in and day out.

6) Address potential objections

Anticipate your visitors’ objections and overcome them in your landing page. This persuasive technique shows visitors’ you truly understand them and helps to instill a sense of trust.

We provide a few areas to do this… True Review, About us, Video, and many options for Headlines and Subheadlines.

A great example of a high converting BluePages.Pro Landing Page: https://bluepages.pro/listings/watkins-construction-roofing/

7) Use social proof

Let’s face it, no one eats at a one star sushi restaurant, so why would someone hire you if you had only one star? Our contractors add True Review to their BluePages.Pro page. Using social proof is one of the most powerful ways to boost landing page conversions. Add short testimonials from happy customers or embed social media posts from people that positively reflect your brand to your pages. Combining a sense of urgency with social proof creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and will prompt your visitors to act fast.

How We Make Your Landing Page Design Convert

How are top companies building and optimizing landing pages today? Discover the latest trends you should know. We included them all in our design over at BluePages.Pro. Again, the goal is to get your prospects to take action.


Adding videos to your landing pages that explain your product benefits can work wonders to convert more customers. Here’s how Watkins did it:

Dynamic typography

Custom photography

More and more companies are saying goodbye to cringey stock photography. RIP stock photos (and good riddance). Using authentic, custom photos on your landing pages humanizes your brand. We’re all tired of seeing the same stock photos online so custom photography is like a breath of fresh air for your visitors. Here’s what All Phase Construction USA did:

Remember to show your work… it builds a tremendous amount of credibility.

Be consistent

We keep your landing page design consistent with your brand. Even if the page isn’t a permanent fixture on your website, you want to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Avoid visual clutter

We keep the design simple and include plenty of white space. This helps you draw attention to the most important elements of your landing page (financing button, offer button, your video, your picture gallery, your reviews)

Remove your site navigation

You want your visitors to take a specific action on your landing page–not get distracted and navigate away. Remove your main navigation menu to avoid killing your conversion rate. We do however provide plenty of backlinks to your website and social links. This is done as a back up, perhaps your prospect would like to engage on social media, they now have a way to find you!

Include videos to illustrate your value proposition

Many contractors see a huge jump in conversion rates by adding videos to their landing pages. Videos encourage people to stay on your page longer and increase trust.

Make sure your video has a clear purpose that’s aligned with your landing page goal. You don’t want your video to distract from your CTA–you want it to push people towards a decision. We can’t state this enough, your video is SUPER IMPORTANT – nail it and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Include social sharing buttons

This makes it easy for people to spread the landing page love to their personal networks. Why not let your visitors do some of the work for you?

Ensure the page looks great on mobile

Every landing page you create needs to be mobile friendly. We do all the heavy lifting for you, our tech team ensures your BluePages.Pro landing page is mobile optimized. Mobile is the #1 way people use the internet today so you want your landing pages to look just as fabulous on mobile as they do on desktop.

Ensure minimal scrolling

This point comes back to keeping your landing page as simple and clear as possible. In traditional landing pages, place your CTA above the fold to ensure your visitors don’t have to scroll for days before converting. Big offer – great video – and an easy way to connect. Those are the goals we are all looking for here!

7 Ways to Promote Landing Pages

How do you use landing pages for your business? Let me count the ways…(there are more but we will focus on these today)

1. Content Download

Just published a new research report? Created a how-to guide? Use a lead capture landing page to give your site visitors instant access to your latest content in exchange for personal data.

2. Infographics

Have you conducted research and are looking for another way to express your insights outside of a report of white paper? An infographic is a great alternative as people find data visualizations a more interesting way to consume key insights. Metrics on page engagement for these types of pages like social shares and increased time on page are great benefits for SEO.

3. Event or Webinar Registration

Hoping to draw a large audience for your upcoming webinar or live event? Spread the word through a lead generation landing page. You’ll grow your attendance and ge

4. Request a Demo

Do you offer Demos, in home consultations, estimates, proposals? Your well-crafted landing page will compel visitors to give your product a go will help you book more qualified meetings.

5. Product Detail

Launching or promoting a specific product? Use a landing page that outlines the benefits, features, design and testimonials, and prompts visitors to try or buy it. By creating a landing page separate from your main product page, you ensure a strong message match between the ad or link and your landing page.

6. Account-Based Marketing

To take an ABM approach, build a landing page that targets your ideal customers in the messaging. Then use focused paid advertising to reach this niche audience and boost conversions.

7. Email List Opt-In

Get more subscribers to your blog or newsletter by creating a dedicated landing page that prompts people to sign up. Tell people what they can expect and why they don’t want to miss out on your sweet newsletters.

How to Promote Your Landing Page

There are a few different ways you can drive traffic to your landing page. You’ll want to choose your tactics based on your goals and target audience.

Organic social

Promote your landing page through your company and individual employee social media accounts.

Paid social

Direct your visitors to your landing page from a social ad on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This is where message matching is especially important.

Google Adwords

Send paid search traffic directly to your landing page through a PPC campaign.


Include a link to your landing page in emails part of specific workflows, or have your team members add a link in your email signature.

Direct Mail

Using direct mail as part of your account based marketing campaigns can be a great way to bring your offline efforts online. You can make these URLs extremely short by using a custom URL shortener to ease the burden on the user to find your page quickly. You could even consider including a QR code to easily bring the experience online.

Custom Qr-Code

We will build you a custom qr code that is designed to be used on all marketing and promotional pieces your business uses. Imagine; door hangers, mailers, business cards, magnets… just about anything you can imagine can now have your qr code on it. Most of society is used to qr codes now, so the natural thing to do when we see one is … scan it! The user experience is fantastic, once the code is scanned it pushes the BluePages.Pro landing page right to your prospects device.


“Using direct mail as part of your account based marketing campaigns can be a great way to bring your offline efforts online.”


Content Syndication

Use third party vendors to promote your content via their promotional vehicles like e-newsletters, promotional email or others.

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